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The Law and You – 11 June 2019

The Law and You

Each week John Fradgley of Bell Legal Group presents a radio talk-back show on Gold Coast’s Community Radio Station 4CRB called ‘The Law and You’ where listeners call in and ask John their questions about a wide range of legal issues.

On 11 June 2019 John was away on holiday so Tom Trembath Jnr, partner of Bell Legal Group along with Associate Daniel Bycroft presented the show. You can listen to it here:

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Stamp Duty: three different concessions.
  • Discussed Buying and Selling property:
    • the Real Estate Agent usually prepares a Contract of Sale and a Disclosure Statement should be attached if the property is part of a body corporate;
    • Subject to sale special condition.
    • pre-Settlement inspection;
    • mortgage still on the title even after the loan has been repaid and the process to remove a mortgage from title;
    • Body Corporates;
    • Residential Tenancies disputes;

Please note the topics discussed in this radio show are general in nature. None of the comments made by the presenters constitute legal advice and nor should they be taken as such. If you have a legal query and would like advice or assistance, please call us on 07 5597 3366 or complete the ‘Contact Us‘ form below.