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Property Lawyers Gold Coast

Our team of experienced property lawyers at Bell Legal helps a wide range of clients in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Sydney areas. We have a lot of knowledge in all areas of property law, from helping first-time home buyers to commercial landlords and property developers.

We are able to provide a holistic view of every transaction from the onset thanks to our extensive knowledge of the real estate market. We are proud of our ability to foresee problems that may develop in your case and to act swiftly to safeguard your interests and prevent adverse legal consequences.

In every case, whether you are selling real estate, negotiating a commercial lease, or working on a big property development project, we have a reliable law team looking out for your best interests.

We care about your peace of mind, and we are a dedicated team in giving you the best legal advice as you go through the property process.

Property Law, Development & Conveyancing

Property Law, Development and Conveyancing

The property sector has been a particular focus for Bell Legal Group for over 50 years.

Our Property Group works with other related specialist areas of the practice to produce creative, legally sound and practical solutions for our clients.

We also advise offshore business migrants, investors or companies on foreign investment frameworks and assist them to obtain approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board for property transactions and other significant investments.

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Residential Conveyancing - Purchase and Sale

Commercial Property - Purchase and Sale

Body Corporate

Property Development

Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants & Licensed Premises

Commercial Leasing

Property Syndication and Joint Ventures

Overseas Buyers

Due Diligence & Pre-contract Advice

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a property lawyer assist in the conveyancing process for buying or selling property?

Property lawyers facilitate the property conveyancing process by conducting title searches, preparing contracts, handling negotiations, and ensuring a smooth transfer of property ownership while adhering to Gold Coast-specific regulations.

Are property lawyers necessary for residential property transactions, or is it something I can handle myself?

While it’s possible to handle simple transactions independently, property lawyers bring expertise to navigate complexities, reducing the risk of legal issues. Their involvement is particularly crucial for development projects and more intricate transactions.

What role do property lawyers play in the due diligence process for property development?

Property lawyers conduct thorough due diligence, examining title deeds, zoning regulations, and potential legal issues. Their role is critical in identifying and mitigating risks associated with property development.

In what situations would I need a property lawyer for dispute resolution?

Property lawyers are essential in resolving disputes related to real estate, including issues with contracts, boundaries, or development conflicts. Their expertise is valuable in negotiating settlements or representing clients in litigation.

Rob Ffrench

Head of Commercial Law

Business & Commercial Law/ Corporate / Trusts / IP / Franchising / Technology / Property / Foreign Investment

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Tom Trembath


Residential Property / Commercial and Industrial Property / Property Development / Retail, Commercial & Industrial Leasing / Business Sales & Purchases / Commercial Finance

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Sharon Yu 余如意


Property Law / Development and Conveyancing

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Jodi Prins

Conveyancing Paralegal


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Veronica Aletti


Property Law / Development and Conveyancing

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