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Business Sales

Selling a business is a time when many business owners start thinking about realising the rewards for the energy and money invested. Depending upon the business however there can be many steps involved and many potential pitfalls.

In the modern Australian business, regulations and rules are everywhere. It can be vital to ensure that your business is compliant in order to make the sale go smoothly.

It may be that you are unsure whether to sell the business in its entirety or just part of it. How that can be accomplished and what documents and steps need to be undertaken are as varied as the types of business that there are.

Perhaps it is the shares that are to be sold? Perhaps the intellectual property? Premises? Equipment? Processes and customer lists? The issues can be complex and need careful handling.

Business owners looking to sell their business should get professional legal advice as soon as they are considering a business sale. That way anything that needs taking care of from a legal or regulatory context can be dealt with before any potential buyers get scared away. Maximise returns by proper planning.

Bell Legal’s experienced commercial team can guide you in preparing and then acting for you in selling your business.



It may be that you have identified a business that you want to buy – what should you do next? How can you check to make sure that the business acquisition is the right one for you?

Acquiring a business can be an exciting step but stop for a moment and consider:

  • Is the business viable?
  • How is it structured?
  • Are there any legal problems or regulatory issues that need dealing with?
  • What will you really be buying?

It is vital to make sure that any business acquisition is carried out carefully and with a full understanding of what exactly is being acquired. That’s where we come in. We have extensive experience advising people buying businesses. We can review the deal, draw up the legal documents needed and advise you along the way.



Sometimes opportunities exist for businesses to team up and work together. This might be for a short period of time as a joint venture or it may be for good.

Merging businesses can involve a good deal of complex legal documentation. You should get early professional legal advice if you are considering a merger.

If only part of a business is to be merged then new legal entities may need to be created. Old business structures may need to be closed and operations migrated.

The commercial law team at Bell Legal can advise you about your business merger.


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