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Advice involving Retirement Villages and Aged Care Facilities

In your later years in life, you may contemplate moving out of the family home and into a retirement village or aged care facility. For your peace of mind during this often stressful time it is crucial that you obtain appropriate advice before taking the plunge.

Your choice of facility will depend on the level of care you require and the circumstances of your individual situation. We will work with you and your family to assist you to make an informed choice.

Retirement Village or Aged Care Facility Agreements

Before deciding on a retirement village or aged care facility, it is important to know and understand your legal obligations and responsibilities under the contract you enter with the facility.

Considerations include:

  • the ongoing provision of services and facilities in the facility;
  • how fees and charges are calculated and your contribution to these fees;
  • rights, if any, to own a pet;
  • the ability to upgrade to a high care facility, if needed, in the future; and
  • costs associated with leaving the facility, whether arising from your own decision or because of your death.

If you are considering a retirement village complex you should also bear in mind there are several ways of owning or occupying your accommodation, including:

  • Freehold;
  • Lease; or
  • Licence to occupy.

Retirement village and aged care facility agreements are complex. Bell Legal Group will ensure you understand your legal position, rights and obligations before you sign. We can also discuss with you the effect of any aged care or retirement village legislation on your personal living arrangements. It is essential you are fully informed before you agree to anything, so you have peace of mind in your retirement.

Retirement Village or Aged Care Facility Disputes

If a dispute arises, there is usually a dispute resolution process built into your contract. We have experience acting for both retirement village residents and operators. This experience allows us to take a “big picture” view of disputes, to find the best resolution for everyone involved.

Considering leaving your facility?

If you are considering leaving your village, we can advise on how this may affect you and what obligations you may have.

Why Bell Legal Group?

Bell Legal Group has a professional and skilled estate planning team with a vast wealth of experience. We understand that everyone’s situation and needs are different and tailor your experience and our advice accordingly.

Should you require advice on your residential or aged care accommodation, please contact the experienced team at Bell Legal Group by calling us on 07 5597 3366 or complete the contact form below.