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Companies and Trusts

Companies formed under the Corporations Act 2001 (C’th), are registered and the registration information is publicly available. They are subject to regulation by ASIC. Renewal fees and regulatory compliance must be kept up to date.

Trusts however are typically private arrangements usually created by a Deed of Trust. A Trust is operated by a Trustee (or Trustees) for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries. There can be a multitude of different rules applicable to property owned by a trust and how this is or can be distributed.


Legal minefield or great business opportunity?

There may be sound commercial business advantages to establishing business entities such as a company or a trust. There may be tax benefits or structural advantages.

Of course there is no reward without risk. Operating a company or utilising a trust may create compliance and regulatory issues amongst other potential risks. You should always obtain professional legal advice about setting up complex legal arrangements like these.


Expert help here for you

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Please note that the information on this web page is general in nature and is not legal advice nor is it intended to be. Always obtain professional legal advice specific to your circumstances.