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Experience handling contract disputes

Our firm has a wealth of experience dealing with contract disputes meaning you can rely upon us to advise you with your commercial or contract dispute. We can help whether a contract is written, verbal or simply implied by conduct. It may even be necessary for us when reviewing your case to consider whether a contract actually exists at all.

Our firm has experience in commercial and contract disputes at the beginning, middle and end of the dispute. From contract drafting and negotiation to contract review, our team will be able to advise you regarding a practical way forward.

Reviewing contract terms

We are often asked to review the terms of a contract to determine whether:

  • a party has breached its obligations under the contract
  • the parties can terminate the contract early
  • the parties have correctly interpreted their obligations under the contract
  • a party properly understood its obligations under the contract before signing it

We are able to review the terms of the contract and provide you with prompt and practical advice to ensure that you fully understand your obligations under a contract.

Negotiated outcomes or court action

We are then able to engage in negotiations with the other party in an effort to move the dispute forward whilst protecting and maintaining your position. If necessary, we are able to pursue your action through the courts to obtain any realistic outcome you so desire.

We have acted for businesses of all sizes and individuals in contract disputes relating to commercial and personal endeavours. No matter the circumstance, we make sure to provide considered and practical advice to ensure that our clients are protected and are in the best position to move the dispute forward.