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At Bell Legal Embark™ we love working with people to create successful new businesses. We help our clients plan, create and grow their ventures and enjoy seeing great results. The Embark™ principles are personal service, commitment, high standards and practical legal solutions in this exciting world of business development.

You have:

  • the plans

  • the products/services

  • the energy

  • the vision

  • the need to move forward

We can give you:

  • real world advice

  • the documents you need

  • experience and legal smarts

  • business connections

  • growth and funding advice

Why Embark™?

  • Our lawyers are savvy, street-wise and entrepreneurial. They help you make well-informed, practical decisions.

  • We give our advice and design our documents for your needs, plans and protection.

  • Our fees recognise the capital drain on your businesses and are below market, are transparent and fixed upfront.

  • Our professional and commercial connections mean we can help you form great relationships for your business journey. And we are always happy to work with people like your accountant, business coach and other trusted professionals

  • We can partner you on your journey.

embark ship

Embark™ Fees

embark fees
  • Our first consultation is free – up to one hour.

  • All our consulting and document prices are fixed by written agreement with you.

  • Our fees are always discounted for your start-up enterprise or your early-phase entrepreneurial business.

  • We can tailor document packages

Do I qualify?

Please ask us: