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Property and leasing disputes

Our team has experience in managing a wide range of property disputes through the Tribunals, State and Federal Courts.

In these disputes, our team is fortunate to have access to our Commercial and Property Law Teams which allows us to obtain a fuller understanding of the various aspects of property law to which our clients are exposed.

No matter your property dispute, it is important that you obtain advice quickly so that we are able to protect your interest in respect to any property and put you on the path to take any necessary legal steps to preserve or enforce your rights.


Lease disputes

Our team has much experience in leasing disputes and our firm has acted for both landlord and tenant in these disputes.


Experience when you need it

Bell Legal Group’s legal team has extensive experience in:

• residential tenancy disputes, whether that be for or against an individual tenant or multiple tenants;
• complex commercial disputes in which we have negotiated on behalf of both the landlord and tenant; and
• retail shop lease disputes where we have acted for the landlord and tenant.

Our firm is also able to advise and assist you in recovering unpaid rent, outgoings and damages from tenants and guarantors.

Contact us

If you would like to seek our advice regarding your position on a building or construction matter, please contact the Building and Construction Dispute Resolution Team at Bell Legal Group on (07) 5597 3366 or by email to law@belllegal.com.au.