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Taking a legal matter to court isn’t the only option. Sometimes, issues can be resolved amicably outside of the court system.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to a set of procedures and practices that can be used to settle legal disputes without having to go to court or tribunal.

Commercial & Business Dispute Resolution

ADR processes are frequently the favoured way of dispute resolution as it needs less time and money, while still remaining private and confidential.

Finding commercial solutions

Long drawn out litigated disputes can be expensive and risky. As a result, many clients wish to reach an agreement out of court. They want to avoid the expense and risks associated with lengthy litigation by having our firm negotiate a commercial resolution on terms that are acceptable to them.

Business disputes solved commercially or by court action

When you have a business dispute you need a law firm that is able to understand your objectives. We deal with problems in ways to suit your goals and resources. Sometimes our clients wish for our firm to resolve disputes in a cost effective manner by negotiating outside of the court process to achieve an outcome. Other times, our clients wish for our firm to pursue their case to trial.

Our firm possesses the skills required to achieve our client’s goals no matter what they are.

Alternative dispute resolution

Our lawyers are experienced in the different types of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration and negotiation, for all different types of disputes. We also have much experience in preparing for Tribunal compulsory conferences and/or mediations (in, for example, disputes being carried out in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal).


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