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Appeals against visa refusals and cancellations

There are many different reasons why a visa application may be refused, or why a visa is cancelled after it has been granted.

Having a visa refused or cancelled can have huge implications for you and your family. It could mean you and or your family being removed from Australia with no ability to return.

It is vital that you seek specialist advice from experienced professional lawyers to guide you through this complex area of law.

If you receive a Notice from the Department of Home Affairs refusing your visa application, or cancelling your visa then you need to act quickly, as strict time limits apply for making an appeal or making submissions.

If you have received one of the following Notices, let us help you consider your options and advise you about the right steps to take:

  • Notice of Intention to Consider Refusal
  • Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation
  • Notice of Intention To Take Action (against sponsoring employers)
  • Notice of Refusal
  • Notice of Cancellation


Has your visa been refused or cancelled? We can help.

We can assess your situation, the reasons for the refusal or cancellation, or proposed refusal or cancellation and advise you on your options.

We can prepare carefully crafted submissions to the Department addressing the reasons why your visa should be granted or should not be cancelled.

In cases where your visa is refused or cancelled, we can assist you with an appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, and where appropriate, with judicial review of your case.


Get professional help with your visa refusal or cancellation

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