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Professional legal advice in finance, investments and securities

At Bell Legal Group, we are dedicated to providing forward-thinking legal solutions in the realms of finance, investments, and securities. Our commitment to the future ensures that you receive expert advice on a spectrum of crucial financial matters, including lending, securities investments, and securities issuances.

As a reputable law firm on the Gold Coast, we take pride in our ability to guide individuals and businesses through the intricate landscape of finance.

Keeping control of your company and operating within the rules

Obtaining the right advice regarding your company issuing the correct securities is of paramount importance to ensure you maintain control of your company and also to ensure you do not fall foul of the provisions of the Corporations Act or the Australian Securities and Investment Commission Act.

There are significant penalties for directors and officers of companies that breach the myriad of provisions of the Corporations Act in Australia.

At Bell Legal Group, we provide you with advice regarding your corporate structure, your company type, the securities or shares being issued by your company, the classes of shares or securities being issued by your company and the appropriate corporate structure to prepare your company for future growth.


Professional legal advice before investing in securities

We are well versed in securities law and we are capable of advising potential investors of their position when investing in securities. This includes other companies, individuals or self-managed super funds.

In the dynamic arena of securities investments, our legal expertise extends to providing comprehensive guidance on investment strategies, regulatory compliance, and risk management.

We recognise the importance of navigating the complexities of securities markets, and our team is equipped to assist you in making informed decisions that align with your financial objectives. Our lawyers are here to ensure that your investment ventures adhere to legal standards and optimise your financial success.


Strategic advice and compliance solutions

We can assist you to implement strategies, provide you with the correct documents and implement the appropriate policies to protect yourself or take security if you are offering finance to others for any reason.


Advice to shareholders, directors and other corporate officers

Bell Legal Group is also able to assist shareholders, directors or corporate officers in disputes regarding their company or other companies who may be trying to involve themselves in the company’s affairs. This includes actions for breaches of director’s duties, oppressed shareholder actions or applications to a company to view their books and records.


Crowd funding expert advice and services

Excitingly, Bell Legal Group is now heavily involved in the new crowd sourced funding space and can assist offering companies to comply with their duties and ensure their affairs are in order before conducting an equity crowd funding campaign. This includes a change in company type to an unlisted public company, a review of company documents such as your constitution or shareholders agreement along with assistance to draft your offer document so it is compliant with the Corporations Act.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What services do finance and securities lawyers provide?

Finance and securities lawyers offer a range of services, including legal advice on financial transactions, securities regulations, investment laws, and compliance matters.

How can you assist with investment-related issues?

Finance and securities lawyers provide guidance on investment structures, regulatory compliance, risk management, and can assist in resolving disputes related to investments.

How do you help businesses with regulatory compliance?

Our lawyers assist businesses in understanding and adhering to finance and securities regulations, ensuring compliance with laws governing financial transactions, investments, and securities trading.

What is the process for resolving disputes related to finance and securities matters?

Finance and securities lawyers can guide clients through dispute resolution processes, which may include negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation if necessary.

What role do you play in protecting investors’ rights?

Our lawyers work to ensure that investors are well-informed, their rights are protected, and that investments comply with relevant regulations and legal standards.

Need a finance and securities lawyer?

If you require any assistance regarding finance or securities or you require further advice regarding your position and possible options to take control your business, please contact Bell Legal Group on (07) 5597 3366 or send an email to law@belllegal.com.au.