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Lease Renewals, Assignments & Subleasing

Commercial Leasing Lawyers Gold Coast


A Lease is a legally binding contract between a Landlord and a Tenant.

At Bell Legal Group our dedicated team of Property and Commercial lawyers are experienced in acting for Landlords and Tenants in all areas of Commercial, Industrial and Retail Shop Leasing.


Get legal advice before you sign – commercial leases are complex

Leases are often lengthy and complex documents. The details and the complexities, along with need for careful consideration of the relevant legislation make it imperative that both Landlords and Tenants seek legal advice prior to entering into any lease documentation including Renewals/Options, Assignments and Subletting.


Our services for landlords and tenants of commercial leases

We can assist Landlords and Tenants with any of the following:

  • Drafting for Landlords or Tenants Lease Renewals or Exercise of Options Agreements;
  • Providing advice and negotiation in relation to Lease Renewals or Exercise of Option Agreements;
  • Drafting Assignment of Lease documentation;
  • Due Diligence of prospective incoming Tenant;
  • Providing advice and negotiation in relation to Assignment of Lease documentation;
  • Drafting for Landlords, Tenants or Sub-Lessee all Subleasing Agreements;
  • Providing advice and negotiation in relation to Subleasing Agreements;
  • Expert advice in relation to the complex Retail Shop Leases Act and Property Law Act 1994 (Qld);
  • Insurance and Bank Guarantee Advice
  • Further Agreements for storage, car parking or other licenses.


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