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Queensland Body Corporate Regulation Overhaul Incoming – Be Prepared!

From 1 March 2021, the new Body Corporate Regulations will come into effect in Queensland. The new Regulations seek to:

  • modernise body corporate procedures;
  • reduce body corporate costs; and
  • enhance protection for home unit owners.


The Regulations reflect a strong push for effective electronic communication between unit owners and their body corporate. The changes include:

  • electronic voting and attendance at meetings by platforms like Zoom; and
  • using email and other forms of electronic communication to exchange information and documents within the body corporate such as between a unit owner and their body corporate manager.


Other features of the new Regulations include:

  • a requirement for body corporate managers and caretaking contractors to disclose any benefit received from entering a contract;
  • clarifying and improving the list of documents that original owners (developers) must provide to the body corporate for better governance; and
  • requiring a body corporate to consider a motion at its second AGM to prepare a defect assessment report to encourage early identification and remedy of building defects.


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