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April 2018 “The Law and You”

‘The Law and You’ April 2018

Every week John Fradgley 0f Bell Legal Group presents a radio phone-in show ‘The Law and You’ on Gold Coast local radio station 4CRB.

See the subjects discussed by John and listen to the shows from April 2018 below:

The Law and You – 3 April 2018

  • Process to be followed in administration of an Estate where there is no Will and Letters of Administration have been obtained;
  • Rights of a spouse in selling jointly owned property when the other party has gone into a Nursing Home and power is being exercised under an Enduring Power of Attorney;
  • Entitlement of Body Corporate to charge fees for distributing mail when there is no postal service available;
  • Is an Australian Will valid in Vanuatu?
  • Costs involved in Estate Administration in New South Wales;
  • What can you do when the Body Corporate fails to act swiftly to rectify a water leak?
  • Can a person prevent a claim being made against their Estate if they leave a sum of money to a person on the condition that they don’t make a claim on their Estate?
  • How do you get rid of either a trespasser or tenant at will?


The Law and You – 10 April 2018

  • How do you go about excluding an estranged child from your Will?
  • Do you need legal representation if you are a beneficiary under a Will?
  • What to do when your mechanic has an accident in your car whilst in the mechanic’s care;
  • Options in dealing with a motor accident where the other driver fails to stop;
  • What happens to a joint bank account on the death of one of the joint owners?
  • Who is entitled to the ashes of a person following cremation?
  • Can you search the Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages to see if you have any name changes recorded or any marriages recorded?

The Law and You – 17 April 2018

  • Can I add another person to the Title of my property and if so how do I do it?
  • Does a Will need to show the addresses and relationship of beneficiaries?
  • Dispute over Mortgage payout figure and appropriate way to deal with this;
  • What do you do if you get sued by the NBN?
  • What happens where neighbours wish to replace a fence that you think is perfectly ok?
  • How long should it take to get Probate in New South Wales and what should you do if there is unnecessary delay;
  • How do you set up an Enduring Power of Attorney?
  • Are Wills from New South Wales valid in Queensland?


The Law and You – 23 April 2018

  • Dividing fence problems when enforcement of fencing order may be difficult;
  • Dividing fence issues when there is an existing fence and/or the adjoining owner puts up a fence without first getting consent;
  • Retirement Living – who is liable for insurance on the interior and exterior of the building?
  • How to deal with overhanging branches;
  • Would Body Corporate Insurance cover the excess when a car is destroyed by fire in the basement?
  • Explanation of how Testamentary Trusts work.




Please note the topics discussed by John in these radio shows are general in nature. They are not legal advice and should not be taken as such. If you have a legal query and would like advice or assistance, please call us on 07 5597 3366 or send us an email to law@belllegal.com.au