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March 2018 “The Law and You”

Every week John Fradgley 0f Bell Legal Group presents a radio phone in show ‘The Law and You’ on Gold Coast local radio station 4CRB.

See the subjects discussed by John and listen to the shows from March 2018 below:


The Law and You – 06 March 2018

  • What is the best way to explain the exclusion of a child or reduced provision for a child in a Will?
  • Is a child entitled to a copy of their parents Will after the parent passes away and how long does it reasonably take to administer an Estate in New South Wales?
  • What is the Council’s liability for a hazard in the street?
  • Why would someone who was given a suspended prison term for fraud be allowed out on bail after committing further offences?
  • Can I exclude one child from my Will and if so what is the best way to do this?
  • In purchasing a business how enforceable is the Restraint of Trade clause contained in the Business Contract?
  • Is it sufficient to put in a Contract under the “Encumbrances” section “Refer to Title”?
  • How can you make submissions to or contact the Banking Royal Commission which is presently underway?
  • What is the difference between blackmail and extortion?
  • Threatening to report a crime to the police if someone fails to do something you want is a crime in itself.

The Law and You – 13 March 2018

  • How do you get rid of goods that have been left at your property by someone who refuses to come and pick them up?
  • How can you get your share out of a real estate property owned with others when the others are refusing to sell or buy you out?
  • Who should you approach when you are concerned that an elderly person is not receiving the best care that they should from family?
  • What can a Dressmaker do if customers refuse to come in and collect goods that have been altered or repaired?
  • How can you deal with a dispute between Attorneys appointed under an Enduring Power of Attorney when they are appointed severally?
  • Can you change an Enduring Power of Attorney after the Principal has lost capacity?
  • What should someone do to protect future assets when they have separated from their former spouse?
  • What steps should a couple take after separating towards divorce and property settlement and do they need a Lawyer to do this?

The Law and You – 20 March 2018

  • Can you be charged with drug driving if you are driving whilst on medications prescribed by your doctor?
  • What would be the consequences if a person with dementia caused an accident at work due to the consequences of their dementia?
  • Who can you have as the beneficiaries for your Superannuation?
  • What should a couple who separated in 1996 (and signed an informal Property
  • Settlement Agreement at the time) do in relation to their circumstances now?
  • What redress do you have when complications arise from hospital treatment?

The Law and You – 27 March 2018

  • What to do if your Solicitor doesn’t follow your instructions in preparing your Will;
  • How do you deal with building disputes that involve an amount of less than $3,000?
  • Why it is a good idea to have more than one Executor appointed;
  • Can a Body Corporate enforce a six hour parking limit?
  • How to get your money back on tickets when you pay for something that has been cancelled;
  • What are the benefits of Testamentary Discretionary Trusts in Estate Planning?



Please note the topics discussed by John in these radio shows are general in nature. They are not legal advice and should not be taken as such. If you have a legal query and would like advice or assistance please call us on 07 5597 3366 or send us an email to law@belllegal.com.au