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The Law and You – 21 January 2020

The Law and You

Each week John Fradgley of Bell Legal Group presents a radio phone-in show on Gold Coast’s Community Radio Station 4CRB called ‘The Law and You’ when listeners call in and ask John their questions about a wide range of legal issues.

You can listen to the show from 21 January 2020 here:


Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • How should you deal with paying rent when the Landlord has passed away and the account that rent was previously being paid to has been closed;
  • What happens to a joint bank account on the death of either party;
  • Can a Will be challenged where the Estate has been left equally to three children but the youngest of those three children has been given a Life Interest in the major asset in the Estate being the family home;
  • Recommendations for handling a claim in QCAT under the Australian Consumer Law for a defective massage chair;
  • What should you do if you have been separated from someone for 20 years and no longer know where they are and what issues can arise in failing to do anything;
  • Can an Attorney act on behalf of a person who is the Trustee of a Discretionary Trust and is it better to leave a principal place of residence to an individual or to a Trust under your Will;
  • What should you do if you have Enduring Powers of Attorney that only appoint each other and one of the parties has passed away;
  • Who is responsible for contents insurance in a Leasehold Retirement Village;
  • How do you go about getting a Police Clearance when you have moved from another State to Queensland and you have not yet changed over your Drivers Licence or electoral records;
  • How can you go about dealing with an issue where a ground floor unit has water constantly dripping from the air-conditioning of units above.



Please note the topics discussed in this radio show are general in nature. None of the comments made by the presenter constitute legal advice and nor should they be taken as such. If you have a legal query and would like advice or assistance, please call us on 07 5597 3366 or complete the ‘Contact Us‘ form below.