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The Law and You – 15th Nov 2022

Each week John Fradgley of Bell Legal Group presents a radio phone-in show on Gold Coast’s Community Radio Station 4CRB called ‘The Law and You’ where listeners call in and ask John their questions about a wide range of legal issues.

You can listen to the show from 15th Nov 2022 here:

  • If superannuation is left to the Legal Personal Representative (Executor) under a Will where Probate in NSW is required, does the superannuation need to be included in the Schedule of Assets;
  • If a gas company has been supplying gas to heat the community hot water system for many years but has never rendered an account in relation to the gas supply, what are the consequences if the Body Corporate decide to notify the gas company of their failure;
  • Capital gains tax consequences of selling two blocks of land purchased 20 years ago in relation to one block and 12 years ago in relation to the second block;
  • Discussion about a tree that is on the boundary between two properties and who is liable to cut back the section that is overhanging the neighbour’s property;
  • Is a burst hot water system covered by your insurance or only the damage caused by the water that leaks from the hot water system;
  • Does a boyfriend have any claim on your estate if you break up but were never living together;
  • Where can you turn if the Body Corporate in a factory building is refusing to enforce the by-laws in relation to car parking both in exclusive use car spaces and on the common property;
  • Confirmation that an executor is personally liable for the income tax liabilities of an estate where the executor has failed to ensure the liabilities of the estate have been paid and has distributed the estate without regard to the liabilities;
  • Discussion concerning the recent class action settlement against CBA, Westpac and ANZ for selling dodgy consumer credit insurance;
  • Discussion concerning the Deed of Company Arrangement entered into by the Administrators of Probuild which ensured that the small creditors (less than $25,000) each receive 100 cents in the dollar for the debts they were owed.


Please note the topics discussed in this radio show are general in nature. None of the comments made by the presenter constitute legal advice and nor should they be taken as such. If you have a legal query and would like advice or assistance, please call us on 07 5597 3366 or complete the ‘Contact Us‘ form below.