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The Law and You – 1 October 2019

The Law and You

Each week John Fradgley of Bell Legal Group presents the radio phone-in show ‘The Law and You’ on Gold Coast’s Community Radio Station 4CRB when listeners call in and ask John their questions about a wide range of legal issues.

You can listen to the show from 1 October 2019 here:



Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Is an Attorney responsible for the debts of the principal;
  • Can the police require you to identify yourself if they approach you on the street;
  • Is an Enduring Power of Attorney revoked by marriage;
  • What can be done to protect assets to be inherited by a child when they are married to someone the parents are concerned about;
  • What steps should be taken if a party is going to buy out their former partner’s share in a property by way of settlement;
  • How can I protect my Estate if I am going to exclude a child;
  • Body Corporate proposing to implement by-laws which will impose parking fines for vehicles parked other than on each individual lot for a period of 3 hours or more;
  • Responsibilities of an Executor to locate beneficiaries and what can they do if they can’t be located.



Please note the topics discussed in this radio show are general in nature. None of the comments made by the presenter constitute legal advice and nor should they be taken as such. If you have a legal query and would like advice or assistance, please call us on 07 5597 3366 or complete the ‘Contact Us‘ form below.