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February 2018 – “The Law and You”

Every week John Fradgley 0f Bell Legal Group presents a radio phone in show The Law and You on Gold Coast local radio station 4CRB.

See the subjects discussed by John and listen to the shows from February 2018 below.


The Law and You – 07 February 2018

  • Can a tenant sub-let rooms in an apartment they are renting;
  • Interpretation of clauses in a Will where the Executor has a different view to the Beneficiary;
  • What public liability may arise when friends go for a walk together or go for a coffee together;
  • What impact does a DNA search have in terms of Birth Certificate and Drivers Licence if the father is found to be different;
  • Can a de facto partner bring a Family Provision Claim;
  • What is the difference between malfeasance and misfeasance;
  • What to do when you may be the object of a telecommunications account scam;
  • Tree disputes under the Neighbourhood Dispute Resolution Act and what your rights are.


The Law and You – 13 February 2018 

  • Explaining the advantages and disadvantages of joint tenancy as opposed to tenancy in common;
  • When is probate required?
  • What can you do when a landlord of one apartment in a building lets their apartment to students who have several people staying?
  • What is an Affidavit?
  • Your rights when living in a relocatable home park;
  • Dangers of putting a property into joint names with your child;
  • Rights of a spouse when property is only held by one party to the relationship;
  • Difference between the Executor under your Will and person appointed as your Attorney;
  • Do the police have the right to take your fingerprints for a traffic offence?
  • What rights does a child adopted out at birth have against their natural parents estate?
  • Is it possible to disinherit your children?
  • Explanation of contracts where they are “subject to another sale”.


The Law and You – 20 February 2018

  • Whether Body Corporate “Guidelines” as opposed to “By-Laws” are legally enforceable against an owner carrying out renovations;
  • What are the general guidelines as to when Probate of a Will in Queensland will be required;
  • How can you avoid an estranged child making a Family Provision Claim on your Estate;
  • Who is liable when a Solicitor overlooks making full enquiries in purchasing a property?
  • Should the distribution of an Estate be held up simply because certain Beneficiaries have failed to return their personal details to the Executor?
  • Who should be concerned about the introduction of the new cyber security disclosure requirements which commenced on 22 February 2018?


The Law and You – 27 February 2018

  • Can a person to whom the testator’s home has been left (and who is also the executor of the Will) move in immediately following the death of the testator?
  • Process of changing Accountants and steps you can take where the previous Accountant is refusing to hand over records.
  • Are there are rights for property owners on the Gold Coast to protect their view where adjoining property is being redeveloped;
  • Steps to take to pay out an oppressive Motor Vehicle Hire Purchase Agreement;
  • What do you do when building repairs have not been carried out satisfactorily;
  • Explanation of “Audit Shield” fee insurance offered by Accountants;
  • When will Probate of a Will be required?

Please note the topics discussed by John in these radio shows are general in nature. They are not legal advice and should not be taken as such. If you have a legal query and would like advice or assistance please call us on 07 5597 3366 or send us an email to law@belllegal.com.au