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Technological support for separating parents

Family Law technology

Recent technological advances are helping separating couples interact cooperatively. A Brisbane mother Wendy Oxenham recently launched Divvito, a messaging app for separated parents. Divvito recognises abusive or heated messages and pauses them, prompting the sender to reconsider their message. Divvito provides positivity and encourages both parents to do what is right for their children.


Angry ex partners may refuse to use the technology tools available

It is difficult for people who remain friendly with their ex-spouse to imagine how vicious separation can be for some couples. There are many examples of appalling behaviour between ex-spouses. Some co-parents verbally abuse their ex-partners both away from and in front of the children. Parents denigrate their exes and actively try to turn their children against them. There are parents who maliciously withhold child support or attention or who prioritise new partners and second families over their children.

An app like Divvito will not help the ex-spouses of these parents, because they have no intention to co-operate amicably. An angry, bitter or abusive partner will refuse to use it.


Online therapy for separating parents living in Australia

RelationSpace was launched in September 2018 by psychologist Dr Catherine Boland as Australia’s first online cognitive behavioural therapy program for separating and divorcing parents. RelationSpace can help divorcing parents who have no access to face-to-face therapy and may be helpful to those who want to do the best for their children in a high conflict separation. Angry, bitter, abusive, selfish or toxic parents are unlikely to use RelationSpace.

Separation can be very traumatic and sometimes the only way to avoid drama and conflict is to disengage. Unfortunately, where there are children, total disengagement is often not an option and the hostility can continue.

Co-operation the key to successful post-separation parenting

Achieving a good divorce alone is difficult. It takes cooperative participants to make a good divorce. Apps and websites can only do so much to help. The attitude of the separating couple is the most significant factor and, where conflict exists, the involvement of a good family lawyer can make all the difference in achieving a good result.



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