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Consumer Alert – Takata Airbags recall now critical

Warning not to use cars with defective airbags

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (‘ACCC’) has warned that 20,000 vehicles, already under recall for defective Takata airbags, are now classified as “critical”. The ACCC is urging consumers not to drive these cars until the airbag has been replaced.

Compulsory recall on all defective Takata airbags

In February 2020 the Australian Government called for a compulsory recall on all defective Takata airbags along with immediate action required for Takata’s alpha airbags.

Which vehicles are affected?

The affected brands are BMW, GM, Holden, Mitsubishi and Toyota.

Vehicle owners can check IsMyAirBagSafe.com.au to see if their vehicle is affected. Owners can ask for affected cars to be towed to the dealership by the manufacturer and have the airbag replaced for free.

Vehicle Identification Numbers can be used to check

If a car is unregistered, its status can be checked by using the VIN Number.

Most manufacturers now have a searchable recall database on their websites. The recall database allows an owner to check the recall status of their vehicle by searching for its VIN, and the recall initiation schedule provides the dates of all recalls and whether it is an active or future recall.

What about second-hand vehicles?

Whether a vehicle was bought brand new or second hand, the owner will receive a replacement airbag free.


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