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Novel Coronavirus – Travel restrictions

Australian Government responds to Coronavirus with travel restrictions

The following information has been provided by the Australian Government in relation to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic and associated travel restrictions.

With immediate effect as at 1 February 2020:

  • all travellers arriving from any part of mainland China, regardless of nationality, will be subject to enhanced border control measures to ensure the health, safety and well-being of the Australian community.Australia will deny entry to anyone who has left or transited mainland China from 1 February, with the exception of:
    • Australian citizens
    • Permanent residents
    • Immediate family members of Australian citizens and permanent residents including spouses, minor dependants and legal guardians
  • Limited exemptions also exist for airline and maritime crew, where they have taken appropriate precautionary measures.
  • These enhanced public safety measures will apply to those seeking to enter Australia as well as those seeking to transit through Australia en route to another country.

International Travellers

  • If you have been in mainland China from 1 Feb 2020, and you are not an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or an immediate family member (spouse, minor dependent or legal guardian) of an Australian citizen or permanent resident, do not travel to Australia at this time.
    • If you attempt to travel to Australia, either directly or indirectly, your airline will not allow you to board the flight.
    • If you do arrive in Australia and it is determined you have been in mainland China from 1 Feb 2020, your visa will be cancelled and you will be placed in an alternative place of detention for a quarantine period.
    • Please do not attempt to travel to Australia unless you are an Australian citizen, a permanent resident or an immediate family member (spouse, minor dependent or legal guardian), until these measures are lifted.

Temporary visa holders

  • Temporary visa holders who are ineligible for entry into Australia under these measures will have their visa cancelled.
  • Arrangements will be made to reinstate visas as appropriate following the lifting of these enhanced border control measures.
  • As the Prime Minister announced, these measures are temporary.

Information for Australian citizens, permanent residents and their immediate family members

Australian citizens, permanent residents and their immediate family (spouses, minor dependants or legal guardians only) are able to enter Australia.

If they have been in mainland China they will be required to self-isolate for 14 days from the time they left mainland China.


These measures are temporary and will be reviewed.

If these measures affect you and you need advice, please call one of our migration team.


Please note that this article has been prepared by Bell Legal Group, for information purposes only. It is not legal advice nor should it be relied upon as such.