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Simplified international student visa framework

There have been big changes in the Student visa regime recently and the purpose of the new Migration Regulation which amends the Migration Regulations 1994 is to introduce a simplified international student visa framework which will reduce the current 8 student visa subclasses to 2 visa subclasses namely:

  • Subclass 500 (Student visa); and
  • Subclass 590 (Student Guardian visa)

The new Migration Regulation repeals the provisions relating to the current regulatory assessment level framework and streamlines the processing provisions as well as introducing new requirements to strengthen the integrity of the programme by providing a larger range of factors by which the decision-maker can assess genuineness and the need for individuals to provide evidence of financial and English language proficiency.

It further revises the conditions placed on student visas to make it clear to visa holders what kinds of courses they are permitted to undertake while holding the particular visa and when a change of course would require them to apply for a new student visa. It also makes other amendments to repeal duplicate and redundant provisions and clarify the operation of relevant provisions.

For further information about the new Student visa regime please contact our Immigration Lawyer Esef Mirascija MARN No. 0000959.