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What is a Shareholders Agreement?

A Shareholders Agreement is a legal document drawn up to determine rights, obligations and relationships of shareholders.

It is a type of specialised contract used to regulate the management of a company. It needs careful consideration to make sure it properly reflects the intentions of the parties.

Shareholders Agreement vs Replaceable Rules

Without a Shareholders Agreement the Replaceable Rules found in the Corporations Act 2001 (C’th) will determine how a company is to be managed. These are standard ‘one size fits all’ arrangements and are much less flexible than a tailored Agreement.

Using a Shareholders Agreement drawn up specifically for your company offers you the ability to have the right set of rules designed with your business in mind.

Our highly experienced Commercial Law team, headed up by partner Rob Ffrench, can draft a bespoke Shareholders Agreement for your needs, ensuring that you can focus on the business rather than being weighted down by unnecessary red tape.


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Please note that the information on this web page is general in nature and is not legal advice nor is it intended to be. Always obtain professional legal advice specific to your circumstances.