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Resolution without litigation

Consent Orders QLD

As Family Lawyers we are well aware of the stresses and strains that court proceedings can have upon people. That’s why we always prefer to help our clients reach agreement where this is possible. Whether by negotiation, through mediation or by private discussions, a deal without the need for a judge to decide is very often the best outcome for all.


Benefits of formalising a deal

It is a good idea to formalise your deal. That way there can be certainty and you don’t run the risk of one party later on changing their mind. If you are going to transfer real estate, properly formalising the deal can save you thousands of dollars in stamp duty too.

If you have separated but you and your ex have agreed upon financial settlement and or arrangements for the children, congratulations. You have reached a place where there is no need for you to get into a long and expensive court fight but you still need to document your arrangements legally. That’s where we can help.


We can draw up your consent orders

With many years experience in resolving Family Law matters we can draw up your court orders and the application needed which can then be sent to the Family Court. Providing the proposed arrangements are appropriate the orders will be made without you ever having to go to court.

Court orders might mean transferring property or splitting superannuation and we can assist you as needed here too. Remember that if you’re intending to split up any superannuation the trustee of the fund needs to be informed before applying for consent orders.


And you can move on with your life

Then once the orders come back from the court it’s a question of implementing the orders and moving forward with your life.


Our services for you

At Bell Legal Group our team of family lawyers have extensive experience in advising our clients about seeking the right outcomes for children including obtaining court orders where court is necessary.