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Family Law

Your Family Law Experts

A full range of Family Law services are catered for by Bell Legal Group.

We understand that changes in family circumstances can be confusing and traumatic. Emotions run high, and arguments can quickly escalate.

Legal disputes about Family Law issues such as property division and children are often complicated and need expert assistance to resolve….. and that’s where we come in.

We understand Family Law, and we are here to guide our clients. We are people as well as lawyers, and we understand the human side as well as the legal and financial pressures involved. Wherever possible we help our clients resolve their Family Law matters without going to court. But if court is necessary, you’ll be in safe hands.

Experienced Family Lawyers

Our lawyers are very experienced practitioners who put our clients’ needs first. We provide a full service including providing thoughtful advice tailored to every situation, preparing legal documents, arranging mediations and appearing at court along with everything else that may be needed.

One stop for all your legal needs

As the longest established firm on the Gold Coast, we are very well connected with the experts that may be needed along the way including barristers, accountants, valuers, financial planners, counsellors and mediators. We also have specialist lawyers who can help to sort out legal arrangements – e.g. wills and estate plans – that reflect your new life.

Margaret Miller


Dispute Resolution / Litigation / Estate Disputes / Employment Law / Business & Compliance / Family Law

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Alex Wynn

Senior Associate

Family Law / Dispute Resolution and Litigation

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Danny Bycroft


Dispute Resolution / Commercial / Consumer Protection / Building Construction / Insolvency / Family Law

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Lucille Moala


Dispute Resolution / Litigation / Insolvency / Family Law / Estate Disputes

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