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Protecting your business

Intellectual Property Protection Lawyers Gold Coast

Protecting your intellectual property is paramount to ensuring the success and longevity of the business as often, without the intellectual property the business will simply not exist.


Look before you leap

It important for entrepreneurs or those starting out in business to ensure the proper searches are completed before they commence trading. Bell Legal Group has access to the necessary databases and platforms to assist business owners, artists, creators and entrepreneurs to conduct initial searches regarding their business names, ideas or designs.


Protect your business from copycats

It then critical to ensure that your intellectual property is sufficiently protected before your business begins to trade. Without such protection the door may open to competitors or others in your industry to use the same or similar designs to create a like product and complete with you.


Tailored advice to help you

At Bell Legal Group we can assist you in protecting your intellectual property through tailored and cost effective advice on:

a) Trademarks;
b) Copyright;
c) Patents;
d) registered designs;
e) plant breeders’ rights;
f) geographical indications; and
g) other types of intellectual property, including trade secrets and circuit layouts.


Your experienced IP dispute resolution team

The team at Bell Legal Group is also well versed in intellectual property disputes, including with regard to common law passing off or misleading and deceptive conduct under the Australian Consumer Law.


Contact us

If you would like to obtain the advice of one of our Lawyers before commencing business or if you require any advice with regard to your intellectual property, please contact Bell Legal Group on (07) 5597 3366 or send an email to law@belllegal.com.au