We understand how difficult it can be dealing with lawyers and legal issues for clients in their senior years. We have a strong understanding of any relevant social and medical issues and focus on providing clear, straightforward and practical legal advice in areas including:

  • Advice involving Retirement Villages, Aged Care Facilities and other Senior Residential Accommodation
  • Financial Transactions, Family Arrangements and Dispute Resolution
  • Dementia and Incapacity
  • Guardianship and Protection Laws
  • Effective Wills, Asset Protection and Estate Planning
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney and Advance Health Directives
  • Coordination with other Specialist Advisers
  • Deceased Estate Administration
  • Resolving Estate Disputes


STEP member:  John Fradgley 



For more information please contact:-

· John Fradgley, jfradgley@belllegal.com.au | T: +61 7 5597 3366 | F: +61 7 5510 3110
Personal Assistant: Tracey Carroll

· Doris Boyd, dboyd@belllegal.com.au | T: +61 7 5500 1352 | F: +61 7 5510 3110
Personal Assistant: Coby Brayshaw

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