At Bell Legal Group we have a long history of helping our clients to Develop, Protect and Commercialise their Intellectual Property and Business knowledge including:

  • Intellectual Property Protection, Trade Marks, Copyright, Inventions and Trade Secrets
  • Trade Mark Applications, Objections, Infringements and Enforcement of Rights including all Statutory and Common Law Remedies
  • Advice and Documentation for E-commerce and Technology Transactions
  • Tailored Documents for individual use by our clients
  • Acting for existing and prospective Franchisors and Master Franchisees
  • Franchise Documentation, Code Compliance, Document Administration and Related Areas
  • Research, Development and Marketing Documentation


For more information please contact

·       Rob Ffrench,  |  T: +61 7 5597 3366 | F: +61 7 5597 3988
Personal Assistant:  Karen Kerr

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