Why every business needs to conduct an IP Audit

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Intellectual property (IP) laws protect your intangible ideas and creations and give you exclusive rights to use your IP and branding. IP is an essential and valuable part of every business but its true worth is often overlooked. A regular IP audit is vital to improving your business systems so

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Big Changes to Franchise Law Coming

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The Australian Government has recently passed the Competition and Consumer Amendment (Industry Code Penalties) Bill 2014 in the Senate. It contains a number of important changes, including civil penalties or fines for businesses which breach the Franchising Code of Conduct. The amendments to the Code are expected to come into

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Technology Alert – Cloud Computing

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Dr Dimitrios G Eliades, a barrister who specialises in the field of intellectual property, is the author of “Practice Management and Business Skills: Technology – Cloud Computing”. In this paper, Dr Eliades considers computing services in the cloud and concludes that the apparent benefits of outsourcing your data (such as

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